Vibe Machine

 Raising the Vibe with songs for the Others

      Uplifting, Empowering Dance Music.

            Beats Bass Rhythm n Rhyme 

               with Harmonies to Fly by.

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'Any festi head knows the mad steez, euphoria and insane

                            amount of vibrations these guys bring.'

                                                                                                                                  (Ben jammin)

  On Stage   

   Our original live shows leave venues full of dancing, singing crowds. 

A celebration for the thinkers and the dancers, the carers and the darers.

Come ready to Vibe, dance, love, laugh,

lose yourself,  find yourself,  find the Others. 

With equal measures of wit and wonder,

We come to Raise the Vibe.



I am the devil in the deep blue sky at nite.

(Live release 29/2/20) (Digital release 3/20)

Our 6th independent EP release is an invitation.

This is what we get up to. Come join us.

We make uplifting, empowering dance music.

The opening title track's seduction grows from integral roots.

Rhythm, Bass, Vocals. All of our music is led by these elements.

Then with that spirit we utilise the diverse talents that play our studios.

Some of London's top session musicians. In this case a kicking horn section. 

We then dive head first into MC fronted, Harmony owned,

Bass Head dance floor smashing,

Ectro Break Beat Soca House Hiphop Soul music.


A soul band for generation rave!

Fall into our world of Festivals, Parties, Jams,

Art exhibitions and Cabaret. Long nights of fire and passion

 surrounded, held and encouraged by all of 'The Others.'

We are sure you are going to enjoy this time with us.

Vibe on beautiful people. Vibe On.

Live Shows

​We regularly headline the main stages of The UK Solar Festivals, 


 With airplay and live shows on Radio we support community events,

We promote parties, exhibitions and open jams at our North London venue,




a remix for legendary band.. 

a proud contribution towards the Sussex  





Our mission is to raise the Vibe for everyone. 

Seeking out new connections with Others. 

Larger and larger gigs in new inspiring places.

To work in the worlds top studios with the

worlds top producers.

Continue to build our own world class

 professional studios to produce new music and

arts with emerging, inspiring, uplifting, creatives.

To work with the best industry professionals

 to raise  our profile, raise our game.


                                       To Vibe this Big Wide World.


With equal measures of wit and wonder      we come to raise the Vibe...

 Papa Jawal, Vibe Eldar and Guru, explains how he   got his first Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker. 

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